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The Somerville Winter Farmers Market (SWFM) connects local farmers and small businesses with residents of Somerville and the Greater Boston Area to build a sense of community over a shared love of food. Our market empowers visitors to develop a personal connection to the food they eat by learning where it comes from, how it was treated, and how to prepare it, directly from the producers.


SWFM is coming up on its fourteenth season and is committed to providing the community access to local and healthy foods as one of the only farmers markets in the area that operates during the winter months. This year we are excited to host over 71 vendors over the course of 21 weeks, providing some of the best locally grown and regionally produced agricultural items including vegetable produce, cheese, eggs, meats, fish, breads, pastries, and chocolate. 



The purpose of the Somerville Winter Farmers Market (SWFM) is to operate a vibrant market to meet the following goals:

  • Increase access to local and healthy foods during the winter months for all residents, including Somerville’s middle and low income residents

  • Contribute to the year-round success and productivity of local food producers 

  • Strengthen the relationship between consumers and producers

SWFM is hosted and managed by the Center for Arts at the Armory and we are grateful for their ongoing support!

Meet the Team!

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